Audiotour | Map of the Audio Tour

Grundriss Vergessen 1. Forgetting2. Intro Curating3. Remembering forgetting4. A life in memory5. Our forgetting – our identity6. Photo Martin Honert7. Apparizione // Changes in forgetting8. Photography and forgetting9. Forgotten and lost10. Research into forgetting11. Ludwig Edinger's research on the brain12. Fear of forgetting15. Wanting to erase the past16. Expropriation of homes owned by Jews17. Material for smart minds18. The Archive. These children are hunting for their parents19. Not being able to forget20. Gaining stability - children drawings21. Taxanomy of Lost Objects // Overcoming forgetting?22. A private archive23. The future of remembering24. Imprint13. Dementia robots14. Denying the past

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